Triatomic Featured Members

Third 2019 Featured Member


Quinn Abfalterer

The lightning fast cyclist, Quinn!

Day Job

 I am currently a junior at New Mexico Tech studying biology and medical technology. This summer I am an intern at LANL and work on modeling enzyme assembly with novel computational biology techniques. 

Years as Member / Board Positions

 ~4 years as a member,

I was the social director for the previous two years but have since moved on to the sports director which I feel suits me better as I'm not super at the social side of things.  

Favorite Sport

  I am a bad triathlete as I only train for cycling. Road cycling is my favorite sport but I also enjoy mountain biking for variety. I am awful at swimming and if for some reason I go on a run for splash and dash or for the triathlon I can't walk right the next day.  

Favorite Triatomics Event

 My favorite Triatomics event is the Tuesday night time trial series. I have participated in this event for the previous three years and have made many friends through it as well as improved my time trialing abilities greatly.

Why did you join Triatomics?

 I joined Triatomics so that I could train with people of similar interest to myself and learn. The club also provides a means to hear about events and other activities which I might otherwise have missed. Having people to push me helps with motivation and keeps me from getting stuck in a rut as someone in the club is always improving and setting the bar. Triatomics is a great club and I'm so happy I discovered it. 

Second 2019 Featured Member


Gus Keksis

Meet our next featured member for 2019, Gus Keksis!

Day Job


Years as Member

2016-2017 attendee, 2018-Current member

Favorite Sport


Favorite Triatomics Event

All of them :) Time Trials, Jogging, Splash-N-Dash, Duathlon, Triathlon, Snowshoeing, Yoga … 

Why did you join Triatomics?

After graduate school and moving to Los Alamos in 2007 I started walking at lunch every day with coworkers, which has continued to this day. My weight peaked at the end of graduate school around 360 lbs. I had spurts of exercise and losing a little weight, but nothing regular until 2015, when I started jogging. I took classes with Rose Nyenhuis to train for my first 5k (05/2016), then a 10k (11/2016) and then a half-marathon (05/2017). I’ll now be doing my 8th half-marathon this May for the Run For The Zoo. I started bicycling in 2016 when I got my Scott mountain bike and started doing some time trials with Triatomics and did my first Duathlon (09/2016). After the Tour de Los Alamos (09/2016) on a mountain bike, I decided with encouragement and recommendations from Hugh Selby to get a Specialized road bike, which cost more than my first truck (as a kid I had Walmart or Target bikes, so a couple hundred dollars for a bike). Then a year later he got me to go to clipless pedals on both mountain and road bikes, which made a huge difference. I’ve been doing mountain and road TT’s since and started doing 20 and 25 mile races. I was going to do my first 50 for Wheels on Fire (09/2018), but had a broken spoke at mile 13. In May I’ll try for 50 again in the Santa Fe Century series of races. I started swimming again in 2017, which I hadn’t done since moving from California during High School. I did my first triathlon with Triatomics (04/2017) and then took some swimming lessons, since I’m quite slow. In 2018 I did 2 of the Splash-N-Dash events, which were a blast and I also started to snowboard. I got my season pass already for next winter on Pajarito. This year I started snow shoeing and doing the Triatomics snow shoe hikes, so for the first time I actually lost weight over winter. I’m now down over 100 lbs. from my high and enjoy continuing a variety of exercise to continue to get healthier. The Triatomics have a ton of activities to participate in and lots of friendly members to help encourage and help you make progress, whatever your current fitness level. 

First 2019 Featured Member


Bill Dunn

Meet our first 2019 Featured Member, Bill Dunn!

Day Job

Retired since 4/2017 

Years as Member / Board Positions

8 years with Triatomics.

President 2012 & 2013

VP/Treasurer 2014 – 2018 

Favorite Sport

Participant – Running, Non-participant – NFL 

Favorite Triatomics Event

I joined through participation in the Splash n Dash.  My first one was event #2 in 2006, the inaugural season.  Amy and Dina did the pre-race stuff and Amy did the swim start all the way back then. I had decided that the Los Alamos Triathlon that year would be my first attempt at the sport and at age 50 it was a huge goal for me.  The Splash n Dash was just the tool I needed to prepare for that first triathlon.  After a few Splash n Dashes I had a feeling the Triatomics where kindred souls and attended a few board meetings to find out more them.  That feeling was confirmed one night on a Christmas Lights run when we were talking about how we met our spouses and our non-traditional weddings.  At my wedding we played volleyball instead of dancing.  I discovered other members got married at the White Rock Overlook after riding out there wearing their finest riding clothes.  Another met his future mate during a marathon.  I thought “Yep, these are my peeps.”

The Christmas Lights runs and Wednesday Night runs grew out of the fun with hanging out with my peeps.  One year, the long nights of December closed in and I was so desperate for a run I went for a run in the dark.  The temperature was nice for a run, there were lots of Christmas lights out, and it wasn’t as hard as I imagined it might be running in the dark.  It was definitely fun so I kept running through the month of December while the lights were up.   I think the next year I asked the Triatomics Board if we could make it a Club activity.  Sure enough, running the dark as a group was a hit.  A couple of the regulars didn’t want to stop after Christmas so we kept it up on Wednesday nights and have been running nearly every Wednesday since thanks to the other Club members who have taken up the torch.