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First 2019 Featured Member


Bill Dunn

Meet our first 2019 Featured Member, Bill Dunn!

Day Job

Retired since 4/2017 

Years as Member / Board Positions

8 years with Triatomics.

President 2012 & 2013

VP/Treasurer 2014 – 2018 

Favorite Sport

Participant – Running, Non-participant – NFL 

Favorite Triatomics Event

I joined through participation in the Splash n Dash.  My first one was event #2 in 2006, the inaugural season.  Amy and Dina did the pre-race stuff and Amy did the swim start all the way back then. I had decided that the Los Alamos Triathlon that year would be my first attempt at the sport and at age 50 it was a huge goal for me.  The Splash n Dash was just the tool I needed to prepare for that first triathlon.  After a few Splash n Dashes I had a feeling the Triatomics where kindred souls and attended a few board meetings to find out more them.  That feeling was confirmed one night on a Christmas Lights run when we were talking about how we met our spouses and our non-traditional weddings.  At my wedding we played volleyball instead of dancing.  I discovered other members got married at the White Rock Overlook after riding out there wearing their finest riding clothes.  Another met his future mate during a marathon.  I thought “Yep, these are my peeps.”

The Christmas Lights runs and Wednesday Night runs grew out of the fun with hanging out with my peeps.  One year, the long nights of December closed in and I was so desperate for a run I went for a run in the dark.  The temperature was nice for a run, there were lots of Christmas lights out, and it wasn’t as hard as I imagined it might be running in the dark.  It was definitely fun so I kept running through the month of December while the lights were up.   I think the next year I asked the Triatomics Board if we could make it a Club activity.  Sure enough, running the dark as a group was a hit.  A couple of the regulars didn’t want to stop after Christmas so we kept it up on Wednesday nights and have been running nearly every Wednesday since thanks to the other Club members who have taken up the torch.